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With the rise of drones we have seen an entirely new industry/niche spring up for pilots whom use drones to film and take pictures for others, but what if you are not the biggest hotshot pilot nor have the funds to have a personal photographer follow you around 24/7? What if all you want is to take your selfie game to completely new heights? Well, then I believe I might just have the answer for you here today! Let me present to...
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We are always looking for new stores and websites from which we can purchase our drones! We rejoice whenever we find a new one, or see newcomers making headway: The more the merrier! We were recently introduced to DroneFly, which sells drones through their online store. DroneFly is based out of California and they offer free shipping in the United States, but also sell to the rest of the world with only a 5-7 day delivery time in Europe. Their...
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Youre starting to get the hang of it. Taking off and landing. Rolling and pitching and yawing and throttling. Adjusting your gimbal, calibrating your software, and flying with strict safety and ethical standards. Maybe youve graduated from your beginner drone and have upgraded to something with a little more pizzaz. A little more technologically advanced. Being a recreational pilot is fun, but so is flying AND making money at the same time. Whether its just a side gig, or youre...
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What is the Hawk Camera? Briefly put it is a new contender in the upcoming market for drones focused around their ability to follow the user, and film them without any/much user input. Previously we have featured the Lilly Camera on DroneBlog and the new Hawk Camera definitely seems to be crashing into their intended user base, but lets get down into the hard data first and examin what this beauty has for us “under the hood”: What are the...
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