Discovering New Resellers: DroneFly

We are always looking for new stores and websites from which we can purchase our drones! We rejoice whenever we find a new one, or see newcomers making headway: The more the merrier!
We were recently introduced to DroneFly, which sells drones through their online store. DroneFly is based out of California and they offer free shipping in the United States, but also sell to the rest of the world with only a 5-7 day delivery time in Europe.

Their website has a sleek and clean look and allows for easy navigation through all their different products, the large range of products available is one of the their strongest points. If you need to purchase a wide array of items then you can find almost anything you could possibly need (This even includes repair services, and video tutorials).

In terms of pricing, we found the store to be very competitive. They have a very wide variety of drones for sale A good example is the 3DR Solo Drone (preorder) that they are currently offering at £640/$999, if ordered before 30 June 2015 with the Gimbal add-on then you even get an extra battery included free of charge.

Take a look at their website before you buy your next drone/equipment, you could potentially save quite a bit of money. As the drone industry continues to grow we have no doubt that we will continue to see an increasing amount of resellers competing over the market, this all bodes very well for the consumer whom will certainly benefit from being in the middle of this continues struggle for their attention.

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